iTinkr Studio Shows Off First Film Set for Doc Christmas Film

iTinkr Studio Shows Off First Film Set for Doc Christmas Film

Doc Christmas took another step forward this week with the construction of a full size replica of the interior of a model train station for the film.

The 'miniature' set will be unveiled at Canada's largest train show -  Supertrain on April 16 and 17 before being used to film parts of the teaser trailer for the feature film.

"There are a few challenges with Doc Christmas", said Author / Filmmaker Neil Enock. "There may be a couple of spoilers here, sorry. The story does embody the major theme that 'Trains deliver Christmas'.  Since there are model trains in the story and part of the story actually takes place on a model train layout, we needed a full size model station to bring it to life."

The portion that will be shown at Supertrain has been reduced to fit into the allocated space at the show. Train fans, both large and small, are invited to come in and take a selfie of themselves 'inside' the model station. Neil will be on hand to sign copies of his book, and may be convinced to pose for a somewhat more interesting photo that syncs well with the story. (you will understand if you watch the attached video).

iTinkr Studios says that it is far too early to have any dates set for the film, but development work is moving ahead in key areas that require outside-the-box thinking. The station model and it's unique construction methods were the first thing, a worldwide location search is already underway for the '12 Trains of Christmas' that are depicted in the story and design work has commenced on what Tinker is calling a Digital Pantograph that will be required to film some of the scenes of the story.

Neil added, "I'm hoping to involve the train community and my readers - not only in the story, but in the journey  of the development of the film. Just look around at any train show at the kids visiting and the people running the displays. These folks bring magic to life every day. I hope they see some of that same magic in the story Doc Christmas and can lend their talents. The whole journey to the book and the movie so far has been a team effort. Even this video... we finished the set one day, woke up the next morning and decided to film a quick commercial for the train show - completely unplanned, but the team brought it together."

iTinkr and Doc Christmas will be at Supertrain running in Calgary at the Genesis Center April 16 & 17.

Doc Christmas is available at bookstores around North America.  See the dealer finder at Doc Christmas or buy online at the iTinkr online store.

Neil Enock is a Calgary based author / filmmaker and host of TrainTalk.TV. You can reach him through his website at


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