Mayan... Emerges from Under the Ruins of Tulum

Mayan... Emerges from Under the Ruins of Tulum

While on holiday in Mexico, a fantastic tale of the Mayan civilization and the lost city of Atlantis popped into my head.

Exactly one year later, my family and I visit the Mayan ruins in Tulum. After a thorough tour, I have a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, so we leave the tour and find a deserted spot to rest...

A Note - The video itself is exactly as it was recorded, completely by chance, in Tulum.

Now, if I was to continue the tale as it was supposed to be told...

So we toured the site. We had the company of our guide and 2-4 thousand other people touring the key points of the ruins. We did that with them all, then thanked our guide and decided we would poke around for a while. But first a break. We found an out of the way spot behind an unimpressive structre in a relatively untravelled area and sat down for some water and a snack. I got up and started to film the tourists thronging about the ruins. My family was sitting behind me on the edge of an old well.

While I was filming the tourists, my daughter said 'What are these scratches?' My skin instantly crawled with goose bumps! Somehow I knew instantly that this was the moment I'd been waiting for. Keeping the camera pointed away from us I walked over to her and asked 'What scratches?'

Unplanned, unasked and unreheared, my daughter had set in motion the discovery of the undiscovered ruins beneath Tulum!

Well I have to say I was beyond happy. This visit really did crystallize the beginning of the film version for me. (no - not the book or the series - read on).

I thought that things could not get any better. This had already been a great holiday, for the family and for me and my inspiration. The trip had one more suprise in store for me though...


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