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About Truth : Full Adoption

About Truth : Full Adoption

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We have just finished the Kickstarter campaign for the About Truth and several have asked about getting in after the campaign had ended, so here you are!  

Full Adoption means that you get everything I can offer! The best of the best! Cribbage Gift Set , One of each of all my books and of course, ABOUT TRUTH paperback first edition and... Exclusive access! Come join the creative process and be one of the first to know what's up next with upcoming books and maybe even a film series. ')

In addition... the hidden story in ABOUT TRUTH is yours with this perk and a signed NDA. (NDA signature required for the hidden story - There are reasons for that and I will tell you in person by phone!).

Choose from styles: Railroad, Lighthouse, Golf Course or Arena Cribbage boards! Preview them on

The campaign still has the best collection of info about the book, so until I can move it here, have a look there! ;)

Click to See About Truth on Kickstarter.

Remember... You'll have to come back here to order!

Estimated to ship in December 2023. 


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